The Black and Gold Scholarship Pageant

The Black and Gold scholarship pageant allows women of color to exhibit their intellect and talents to the campus community and compete for various scholarships. winners can earn the opportunity to compete

The Black and Gold Ball

The Black Gold Ball is an elegant gathering in which attendees don their finest garments for a night of dancing and entertainment.

King and Queen of the Nile (student competitors) are announced at the ball. The King is deserving of respect, holds a sense of purpose and determination and willfully provides aid to his peers. The queen is aware of who she is, upholds herself to the highest standards, but above all she is strong enough to make her dreams come true.

The Vigil

The Vigil is a program where members as well as volunteers silently stand in solidarity while holding signs covered in statistics and facts. The intention of this program is to help raise awareness towards a prevalent issue on campus.

Tau Picnic

The Tau picnic is a social gathering where brothers, old and new, come together to enjoy each others fellowship and to pay homage to the ideals that the fraternity was founded upon.


The Powderpuff game is an annual flag football game that we coordinate to engage the exceptional women on our campus

The Ritual


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